Arise (Fair Sun) And Kill (The Envious Moon)

by ZeitGhoul



released March 27, 2015

Album cover by Kiyoshi Yamashita.
Some tracks on album are partly inspired by his artwork and I dedicate
this album to him.

No fear.



all rights reserved


ZeitGhoul UK

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Bristol born ZeitGhoul is a poet and electronic folk / sound producer
based in London UK.....there's a few of us around at the moment, quietly inspired by the echoes and trials of modern living - breaking the rules by not learning them, stuck on time... poets are listeners at heart...
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Track Name: All At Once And All Alone
Beams decide to break through the curtains
The crack of my eye on the scene below
Teleported giant shadows which blow
Wisps of colour into this world
Pale shadows
The noise in the woods overheard by the various birds
Without the right flame my shadow is sleeping
in a game
designed by the need to play
How come you
The noise in the woods overheard by the various birds
call for the dreadful character
call for the wild man
the elephant in the room
is your minds true capacity to keep hold of its integrity
Be an animal caged by symbols
The noise in the woods overheard by various birds.
Here hides the noose
Here hides the moon
Without the right flame
my shadow is sleeping in the game
designed by the need to play
how come you.......
The giver of dreams sails through the night
hoping he loves you enough
Track Name: Moonbow And Arrow
I am the moon
Track Name: I Am The Moon When The Sky Is Blue
I am the moon
Track Name: Everyone [No Fear]
Everyone. No Fear
Track Name: Whatever It Is It Is [Form Is]
Sun as bloom
Seasonal beat is birth time
space and shadows
temptation a star
now it tastes over long
Form is an interpretation of being
a red book it hides your soul in your guests
a haiku without rules
is not a haiku
it is a mystery re written reformed reborn realized
nature is not to be despised
Form is an interpretation of being.
Sun as bloom
seasonal beat is birth time.
Track Name: The Awareness Draws The Line
You draw into the organic world
because nature has returned to haunt you.
Confined to the fringes of your unborn life
the fingers of your mother reach back to you
Grabbing your stance
placed in a framed circumstance,
the image of the WIld survives.
Track Name: On The Image Of The Rising Sun
Copy down all your hopes and glories
As they stutter beautifully in all our dreams
Copy down all your perfect moments
As they flutter lovingly around all our fantasies.
I see you becoming an I love ya
More than anything its the straight line to your life
which has been born by itself
not me
drawn by itself.

Cutting light
those warm pieces together
On the image of the sun
On our image of the sun.

Copy down all your hopes and glories as they stutter
beautifully on all our dreams.

Stutter beautifully.
Flutter lovingly.
Track Name: To Dust
From image to icon
icon to dust
dust to particle
particle to law
law to inevitability
inevitability to space
space to emptiness
emptiness to moment
from moment to moment......

From moment to fulfillment
fulfillment to solid
solid to unknown
unknown to corruption
corruption to love
love to numerous
numerous to flesh
flesh to everyone
from everyone to life
from life to nothing
from nothing to image
from image to icon
icon to dust.
To dust.
Track Name: All My Clouds Are Raining
The elephant man once tried to say
that lying on his back would simply end his day
Difference in noise is the same as a silence
......rage is animal calm is faithful
peril is fun and chance is graceful
pity is human and shame is conscience
spelling is part of appreciating nonsense
art is evidence that your soul is divided
breathing is moving towards loving
the much derided.....moment.

All my clouds are raining.