The Time Writer Collection Vol 2: FUGUE SYSTEM

by ZeitGhoul



released October 1, 2016

Michael Morris played and composed guitar arrangements for Tracks 4 - Afternoon, 7- River Piss and 10 - Every Tower High Every Man Can Cry.
Originally recorded in August 2015, then remixed into the Zeitghoul universe with permission of Michael Morris.



all rights reserved


ZeitGhoul UK

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Bristol born ZeitGhoul is a poet and electronic folk / sound producer
based in London UK.....there's a few of us around at the moment, quietly inspired by the echoes and trials of modern living - breaking the rules by not learning them, stuck on time... poets are listeners at heart...
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Track Name: A Lemon Tree
In the desert a lemon tree.
Track Name: New Morning From Out Of The Stillness
Residing within this globe of days
Branches shivering from out of the stillness
From out of the stillness
From out of the stillness
and into the shadows beyond
Track Name: Wave
Yet still the lake was
as the drop separated
one man from another
Track Name: Back To The Silence As A Song

Octopus has died
not before the first born swam free
Self sacrifice the true purpose of all biology.....

The earth contains billions of phantoms night times.

Once I heard of a king
Who fell to his own inner Piper
The Spider of Time came down to the dark hall
and twisted around beside her......

Mirror image on the wall
Who is the stupidest of them all?
Leaving you I know would leave my existence blue
Frozen to love, as cold as the unstoppable hue......

Under arrest,
Under the stoney face of his Highness
Under the stress
bought on by progress
Singing wiping flecks
Pulsating cityscapes
oozing tears
oozing automatic dooms
Dissected organ
Placed into imprisoned hearts.......

He keeps doing the same thing again
that artist the showman, the historian, that no man.......

In momentum found is where true love hides.......

Yet still the lake was as the drop separated one man from another,

His pleasure rose like a long fleeting cloud
and the city upon it was made with all but line
Here we see the end and the beginning of what can be so divine

There is a loss which a life's victory leaves
Each branch on the side of the mountain for you
drips with wet
shines it does
shines and grieves.

Some branches are just swords
dripping with rain.

Yet still the lake was as the drop separated one man from another.

He knew only the unexpected worked.
Buddha opened his suddenly gazing long lashed globally shining golden orbs and uttered...
"I will kill you all if you do not live my way
there is death in life as there is death in the day
I do not want you to make any mistakes
thou art holy beyond the ghostly spirit of time....
Bless you killer of human kindness........."

As always we hide or run
As always under the Sun
As always the monsters slaughter
As always between fire and water
As always part of the Sun
as always my karma become.......

Residing within this globe of days.....
grasping for the enlightened oft hid within.....

The hope of others ........comes from their ideas.......

He once took the form of a great big turtle.....
His Vishnu was a fish the size of the ocean.........
That is why the hunt exists
To keep it away from No Knowledge
Father of Chaos.........
Chaos however could take any form
so he hid among the fish....

We have given it all back to the silence
ever since than
as a song.