Impression Recreated / The Molecules Fall In Love / Grace In You Triple Single

by ZeitGhoul



From the new acoustic folk soundscape album by Zeitghoul, Haunted By Spirals *Asleep\Awake\Aware\Apart*, to be released Summer 2017.

The album contains the beautifully enhanced and produced 3 string guitar recordings from 2008's first Zeitghoul release - Next To New X Gate.

It's intended to be the album I first dreamed of creating when I first started to record the sounds Id been composing over the years on my broken acoustic guitar.....this is both the signature raw roots Zeitghoul album straight from the artist- a piece of folk influenced, original, heart felt work that has taken a decade to fully realize....and also the final musical flourish as Zeitghoul.

'Making this artwork, I have slowly realized I have now somehow come full circle with this, perfected all i can from my self imposed limited resources as Zeitghoul, and this record feels like the final satisfying flourish of the 3 stringed guitar.'

The double album contains the original line up of acoustic album tracks , now fully enhanced and realized, and later, a second side with the best of all the other acoustic recordings which have been the foundation of Zeitghoul's creative practice for the last 10 years.


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


ZeitGhoul UK

Next - Haunted By Spirals - Summer 2017

Bristol born ZeitGhoul is a poet and electronic folk / sound producer
based in London UK.....there's a few of us around at the moment, quietly inspired by the echoes and trials of modern living - breaking the rules by not learning them, stuck on time... poets are listeners at heart...
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